Frequently Asked Questions


+ What makes you think you know anything about design?

First, great question. Second, any designer that proclaims they know everything about design isn't someone you should trust with your business. Design, like many, many other professions, requires a constant thirst for knowledge as techniques, software, and styles are constantly changing and evolving.

What I do know is how to listen and empathize. That is what's most important to me, aside from my fiance and super cute dog. You might be surprised how few designers (and everyone else) actually listens but even more than that, WANTS to listen. I want to know everything that has to do with your business, your life, your hobbies, and your favorite recipes. I don't care about having the coolest looking graphics, what I truly care about is delivering the best possible solution to whatever problem you're experiencing (I do like cool stuff, though).

With me, you can be sure that you will be heard. You will be taken seriously. You will be a friend.

+ Can you make a logo for free?


+ Do I completely own everything you make for me?

This requires more than just a simple one sentence answer. Any deliverables I create (web graphics, printed materials, high resolution images, etc.) will be yours. Does that mean you own all of it outright? No. I keep the source files as they contain proprietary material that is very valuable and not offered for sale in the transaction.

Now you might say, I'm paying you and want all the files. Absolutely, I can write that into the contract and figure out a situation in which that works. The best thing to do is just talk to me. I got you.

+ How about $5 for a logo?

Still no.

+ Why do I have to sign a contract to work with you?

A contract protects both of us. You get the deliverables I promised, on schedule, or you don't have to pay. I get paid when I get create the perfect deliverables, or you don't get them. I don't believe in super complicated legal language, so my contracts are plain wording and easy to understand. Let's face it, I'm an art major, not a lawyer, so I'll go ahead and stick to what I'm good at. That being said, I still take my contracts VERY seriously and cannot commence any work until it is read, signed, and a deposit is received. Trust me, life is just easier this way.

Feel free to have any lawyers, friends that know contracts, or the guy that lives under that bridge read the contract. I want you to feel comfortable and secure. I hear bridge guys know their stuff.

+ Ok last offer, $20?

No, and now you've annoyed me, so I may just photoshop your face on someone else's body (of my choosing) and post it on my social media. You've been warned.